At new Creeperscustom.com & PinSoup® we manufacture authentic Creeper Shoes following a tradition going back to the 50’s

Back to the origins, we rescue patterns, techniques and tools from the past in a reencounter with authenticity and true quality. We reject mass production, we leave behind excess of technology, Rock & Roll is our referent.



We have created two new Custom lines designed for true style lovers. With “Heritage Custom” and “Special Vintage Edition” we offer personalized shoes with exquisite finishing, rising our quality standards to a whole new level.


Heritage Custom Line

Create your own style with the Heritage Custom line

 Ready to order

The most exclusive customisable range

Handmade. Goodyear Welt

 Delivery time is between 4 to 6 weeks.


Heritage Special Vintage Edition Line

See our Heritage Special Vintage Edition

 Now in stock

Fully hand-finished with elegant, delicate and aged hues.

Handmade. Goodyear Welt

 Delivery time is between 5 to 6 days



Manufactured in a factory founded in the late 19th century

We have chosen one of the most reputed and antique factories in Spain, which is specialized in Goodyear welding to manufacture our new Custom lines.

Every shoe is exclusively cut, sewn and assembled for every single order.

Pair by pair, customer by customer, every single piece is unique. We manufacture orders in strict order of receipt, delivery time is between 4 to 6 weeks.

Slow and steady wins the race!

Waiting will be worthwhile. An exquisite manufacturing following the most strict traditional shoemaking canons. True luxury at reach of those who know how to appreciate a well done work. A little and unique piece of art.

THE PROCESS: The Goodyear in the Pinsoup Heritage creepers

Why to choose "Heritage" Creepes with Goodyear system, bult to last

Double welt Goodyear assembly method, is the most laborious, perfected and luxurious available method for the making of a shoe. At first, these shoes can be a bit stiff, but after the necessary adaptation through the use, they become the most comfortable shoes that you can use. Goodyear shoes are very comfortable, durable, waterproof and bending resistant. With this method, risk of splitting between the sole and the body of the shoe is almost entirely avoided. Once the sole is really worn it can be replaced by a new one. Plus, the high quality of materials, especially leathers that we use in our Heritage range, will guarantee a pair of shoes that will last for generations.



What is it and how those exceptional qualities are achieved?

"GoodYear Welt” method involves an inner and outer stitching, That is why we say it is a system of "double seam". This laborious process welds the leather to the base and gives the shoe its exceptional qualities of strength and durability. The inner stitching process is technically known as welding, and is responsible for powerfully attaching upper leather to both the insole and the veer. The outer stitching definitely set the welt to the sole. That i how proverbial durability is achieved by Goodyear Welding.

We expose the secret of the true comfort

Between the two parts in which the shoe is divided, crushed natural cork is applied mixed with a binder. This forms an interlayer that will be moulded by pressure and heat of the foot. Day by day, these shoes merge with its owner’s steps and footprints, resulting in a unique experience of quality and comfort. Add to this the natural properties of cork as a thermal insulator and breathable material, to find out that this is also a really healthy footwear.



Cross section of a Goodyear model for a better understanding of this unique production method

Customized to suit the client: we create exclusive and UNIQUE models through an artisan craft process

Through our online customization tool, customers choose model, size, materials and colours for their Custom Creepers of the Heritage Series. Once the order is received, one of our craftsmen is responsible for selecting the highest quality leathers, assessing its aesthetic qualities and its optimal mechanical performance. The leathers are studied in minute detail to strategically locate each cut in order to obtain the best results during the shoe stretching process. The pattern maker cuts by hand and with absolute precision pieces of leather, as well as the pieces that form the lining. Dyeing operations are done by hand with environment friendly water-based products, respecting nature and according to European standards. This exclusive Pinsoup process lasts several days, we look forward the slow migration of pigments into the upper layers of leather. The dyed pieces undergo slow drying, in darkness, which guarantees flexibility and delicate shades of color. Then it goes to the process known as Aparado, where another craftsman sew the pieces and lining. From that moment, more than two hundred additional operations intervene in the creation of a Goodyear shoe. A long and delicate process, the results speak for themselves when customers receive their exquisitely executed pair, according to their wishes..

Custom shoes and Creepers, with the double guarantee of Pinsoup and the Goodyear process.Choose shoes made to last, choose Heritage.






Find your Creepers Custom's size

Doubts about size? We have solutions and we are here to help

Request your personalized measurement service
using a plaster casting of the client's feet (recomended) Click here

You can either...

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about sizes or would like more informations! We work with you to find the perfect size and individual solution for you. Mail us: pinsoup@creeperscustom.com

Remember that we are a workshop and that every manufacturer of shoes uses his own forms, which gives rise to differences between the sizes of different brands. The sizes and measures can change depending on the manufactures, the material and the form. When someone does an order, the responsibility of choosing the suitable size belongs to the customer.

Anyway we can make some recommendations:

As general rule, our forms they are rated by our customers as ‘wide and comfortable’ We try to adjust to the current needs due to the evolution in size and weight of the population. We adapt   measures to the European and American market.

If you are a man:
select your most usual size, look for references in other well-known brands that you use like Dr. Martens, Converse etc. Another good reference is the classic dress shoes. Select in the customizer "Shoe shape: man". If you have a particularly narrow or wide foot and you doubt with the choice of size contact us, we will be happy to help you

If you are a woman:
select your most usual size, look for references in other well-known brands that you use like Dr. Martens, Converse etc. Select in the customizer "Shoe shape: woman". Stilettos or party shoes are not good references. If you have a particularly narrow or wide foot and you doubt with the choice of size contact us, we will be happy to help you

We also offer half sizes.

If you do not have references or you do not know your size you can measure your foot size in centimeters.

How to measure your foot for shoes


If you don't know your size, you can estimate your shoe size by measuring the heel-toe length of your feet. The heel-toe length is the most common measurement to consider when determining your shoe size, but keep in mind that there are other characteristics that may impact how a shoe fits, such as the width of your feet, arch length and instep.

Measure your feet in the afternoon. Your feet can swell during the course of the day and impact the fit of your shoes.

Heel-Toe Length

Mark the paper at the end of your heel bone. Mark the paper at the end of your longest toe. Measure the distance between these two points (Centimeters). Repeat this process for your other foot. If one foot is slightly larger than the other, use the larger as your foot size.