Janus Engineer Boot

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Janus Engineer Boot

Cafe Racer & Rocker essence, 1950s classic style. Pure and elegant lines.

Based on authentic vintage patterns. Handmade in Spain with the finest 20mm calf skin crust, cut, stitched and dyed by hand with delicate wax patinas. High quality aged brass buckles. Genuine leather sole and traditional Spanish double stitching: guaranteed flexibility and durability.

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Janus Engineer Custom Retro Boot

Rocker & Cafe Racer Essence, 1950s classic style with pure and elegant lines

The Janus Engineer boot from Creepers Custom is based on authentic vintage patterns and is the result of an extensive study and research. They are manufactured in Spain with the finest 20mm veal crust skin, cut, sewn and dyed by hand with delicate and exclusive wax patinas. Side brass buckles of high quality with aged touch. Genuine leather sole: for the assembly of these soles we have opted for the double sewing or 'mixtum process' that welds the body to the welt and the midsole. This is a centuries-old technique used in the most exquisite riding and hunting boots of the Cordovan tradition, which guarantees exceptional flexibility and durability.

Manual patines, exclusive colors

The exclusive manual wax patines of Creepers Custom give these boots a very different look and character. We offer these prefixed combinations, but you can request other combinations and colors to suit the client, contact us to request information at pinsoup@creeperscustom.com

Handmade in Spain. Every pair is exclusively cut, sewn and assembled for every single order.

Pair by pair, customer by customer, every single piece is unique.
Your pair will be ready in approx. 5 to 6 weeks (see bellow 'Manufacturing and Delivery') Customizable label inside: name and commemorative date chosen by the customer, you can ask about it directly by e-mail info@creeperscustom.com indicating your order number.

Manufacturing and Delivery

All our Custom products are exclusively made to order within approximately 5 - 6 weeks.
Upon receiving your order, our manufacturer will immediately get to work to create the perfect pair. Experience, exquisite leathers and traditional Spanish double stitching technique, will result in a unique pair created to fulfil your wishes.
The wait is worth it, this is not commercial footwear, neither prefabricated shoes ... they are your real Creepers Custom, with double stitched Goodyear welt.
We will keep you informed of the progress of your order, and we will remain available to you throughout the process.
Once your pair has been perfectly finished we will notify you via email, and we will send it to your door by courier.
This is an exclusive product, personalized and, above all, 100% handmade. These deadlines are approximate, may be shortened or delayed slightly depending on the volume of work and other factors that affect the Heritage Custom workshop.

Traditional Spanish double stitching footwear is a good investment

The traditional Spanish double stitching, is one of the most laborious and expensive method of manufacturing a shoe.
This double stitching process creates an extremely durable shoe, water-proof and bending resistant.
The layer of natural crushed leather between the insole and the sole adapts to the natural shape of your foot.
After a necessary period of dressage, it will become one of the most comfortable shoes adapted to you that you have tried.
The more you wear them you will get a unique experience of quality and comfort.
You can indefinitely change soles, so you get shoes that can last for generations.

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